Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wide, wide world of blogging

I am technologically challenged. I was late at starting to email and surf the web, and I still don't use texting technologies. And here I am venturing into the world of blogging! So please bear with me as I get warmed up to it.

I hope this blog becomes a source of inspiration for everyone--myself included! That means you must participate :). I would love to see what this site inspires you to create, and will be choosing a participant each month to win a special handmade gift from me.

The first challenge will be to share what kind of items you have altered to fit your purpose or style. For example, a few weeks ago I was involved in a bridal show (I custom design wedding stationary). I needed a big box to store door prize sign-in sheets. But it couldn't be just any box. I wanted it to showcase Close to My Heart and my creativity. So I purchased a nautical themed box and adapted it accordingly. First, I covered the Starfish on the cover, then I created a quilt-type of cover for the seashells lining the inside of the box. And voila! I had EXACTLY what I needed! I look forward to
receiving emails with your creations.

As I mention in my personal information below, papercrafting helps me celebrate good times and work through bad times. This board will also be an extension of that. My parents were in a car accident last weekend and I am so glad to announce that although their car was totally demolished, they are alive and well. PRAISE GOD for his protection!

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